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Packin Heat

This post is about guns.. Oh wait, wrong blog.   This post is about stuffin peppers!   Oh I love peppers.  Only cooked though, the raw ones are sick.   Same with raw onions.  Yuck.  What’s wrong with you people?  A lot of people just stuff peppers with rice, not me.  Rice is the devil in a cute little carby outfit.  Yeah it’s good- but it’s essentially nutrient free and full of carbs.  Unless you get the wild rice, and that shits gross.

Here’s the recipe-

1lb lean ground sirloin or turkey

1 small white sweet onion

1 large handful of fresh spinach

1 cup of tomato basil pasta sauce

1 tsp of garlic powder

1 tbsp of chili powder

1/4 cup presliced jalapenos

use parm cheese sparingly

tomatoes- optional

Preheat oven to 420

While the oven is heating up, brown lean sirloin, or turkey with 1 white sweet onion.  This should take about 7-8 minutes.

Add spinach and cover for about 30 seconds till it wilts

Remove from heat, and add tomato basil pasta sauce, garlic powder, chili powder, jalapenos  and cheese

Cut the tops off and gut 5-7 peppers, any color, they’re all good

Fill the peppers and put in the oven for about 45-50 minutes

I like to add the little tomato slices with parm cheese when there’s about 15 minutes left till they’re done.  This is sure to impress!

These are so good.  I usually will just eat them for dinner, but if I ever had a dinner party these would be a wonderful appetizer.  Unfortunately my kitchen is about the size of a port a potty, and my living room isn’t much bigger.. so no fancy dinner parties yet.  One of these days…


Captain Obvious

Well I’ve really outdone myself this time.  Brace yourself.. A hollowed out tomato, and an egg!   Have I been living under a rock?  Since when does every vegetable taste delicious when paired with an egg?  I feel robbed out of the past 30 something years of my life.  Apparently there’s a little place called the Interweb, where you can find all sorts of different recipes.  I don’t even know what the hell I was eating before Pinterest.. Oh wait, I know- I was eating steamed broccoli.  Well fuck you broccoli.

Here’s the recipe- (you  might want to write this down)

Preheat oven to 400

Hollow out  tomato

Put an egg in the tomato

Cook for about 20 ish  minutes.

Add whatever spices you like.  I added salt, because I LOVE salt.  Salt Salt Salt!!

I’m sure cheese and or bacon would make a lovely addition, if you don’t care about some extra fat and calories.  Unfortunately, I gotta watch it.  Besides I think bacon is over-rated.  This statement probably shocks and horrifies some, but I could live without bacon.  Anyway, I’ve seen recipes like this with peppers too, which I will be trying ASAP.  I still need to collect my thoughts after this amazing discovery of two standard ingredients and an oven.   I’ve also heard wonderful stories of toasted bread and eggs…stay tuned.


Breakfast for Dummies

I love eggs.   I could eat them for every meal.  They’re so diverse and delicious.  They’re like the Tyra Banks of breakfast.   I like to start every day with a healthy breakfast, and hopefully set the tone for the rest of the day.   But I don’t want to spend a half hour preparing it in the AM.  I can find better ways to waste a half hour… and I do.   Here’s the recipe-

2 whites and 1 egg and yolk beaten and poured into a small skillet

1 large handful of washed, fresh spinach

1 small tomato, sliced

2 tsp of parm cheese

Cook the eggs and spinach covered on medium heat till you see the eggs turn white, then flip and cook for about one more minute.  The water from the spinach being washed should be enough to steam it.  Remove from heat and add the tomatoes and parm.   I add a little salt and sometimes pepper too.

This takes about 5 minutes- tops to make and it’s delish.  I don’t understand people that don’t eat breakfast.  I wake up starving every morning, and if I didn’t eat breakfast I’d be worlds biggest pile.  I’d probably just cry at my desk until lunchtime. 

Not what I expected….

Well for some reason, I imagined these turning out really cute and Valentiny.  Well, they look more like murder dipped Oreo’s, so maybe I’ll save them for Halloween.  Or if you’re having a Twilight themed party, because you’re one of those idiots that likes to watch Kristin Stewart stare blankly for an hour and a half, these would be perfect!

Again, in sub par fashion, this recipe  is easy as shit.   Just warm up some melting chocolates and dip the Oreo’s.  I don’t think I need to elaborate more than that.  I will say watch the red chocolates a little more closely when you’re warming them up.  In true ginger form, these burn faster and are a little testy.  So I’d heat them up in 15 second increments, and stir each time.   In case you were wondering, the red is vanilla flavored..not murder.


Okay this might be literally the easiest, best thing I’ve made so far this year.  It’s basically a tomato, Pam, cheese and a couple spices.  I’m actually pissed I didn’t come up with this myself about 2 years ago, when I discovered tomatoes aren’t gross.  They were when I was little, so I’m not sure what happened there.  Anywho here’s the recipe…

Preheat the oven to 350 and while it’s heating slice (thickly) as many tomatoes as your little heart desires and spread them out on a cookie sheet on top of some aluminum foil.  Some people choose to drizzle olive oil on the tomato… I don’t.  I use good old fashioned Pam.  Don’t hate, Pam’s the shit.  I really don’t see a need to add 100 calories of oil to something that doesn’t need it.  Trust me, it doesn’t.  Sprinkle the tomatoes with salt, basil, pepper and a little garlic powder.  Or use real garlic- I choose not to, cause I’m not a huge fan.  Then put as much or little, of the parm cheese on top.  I don’t use much for calorie purposes, but we all know the more cheese the better.   Here comes my paid product endorsement.  Kraft shredded parm, romano & asiago cheese is amazing.  I use it all the time.  Seriously.  It’s mild for you pansies, but still is very flavorful and melts grate (you see that?!).

Back to my precious tomatoes.  Put them in the oven for 15 minutes or so, till the cheese is lightly browned.  I like to add a little extra salt, because I’m a bit of a risk taker, but hey it’s up to you.  Enjoy!

PB Graham Squares

Ta Da!

These are easy… easier than Lindsay Lohan, so if you can’t handle this recipe you aren’t sub par material.   The only thing this recipe requires is a little patience, because working with chocolate can be tedious and time consuming.  However, they’re worth it.  They look fancy and are clearly delicious.  

Since I prefer to half ass things, hence my Sub Par title- I choose to work with melting chocolate.  It’s so much easier, and I think it tastes really good.  It’s just way too much work to actually chop up chocolate and mix it with shortening.  Anyway, using my hands I dip both sides of the graham cracker in the melted chocolate and place it on wax paper for about 15 minutes to dry.  After it drys just spread peanut butter over the top of the chocolate coated graham cracker.  The less PB you use the easier it’s going to be to re-coat the top with chocolate, but stop being lazy loser.  Peanut butter is delicious.   

Once you finished slappin on the PB, put them in the freezer to set for about 20 minutes.  It’s a little easier to coat the top with chocolate.  Once they’ve chilled, reheat the left over chocolate and spoon a small amount on the graham cracker.  Using the spoon I lightly smooth it over the top and sides of the cracker, so all the cracker is completely cover in chocolate.  This is the tedious time consuming part, because you want everyone to know how big time you are for making sweet looking desserts. 

Don’t expect me to put nutritionals of this shit either- it’s bad for you.

You’re Welcome

I’m a first time blogger-because bloggings for nerds.  While in Chicago, I had a martini induced epiphany… I should start a food blog!  I love food, I love cooking and especially love baking.  Of course I generally don’t eat my baking creations, because they’re full of butter, sugar and butter- but just to see the look of delight on the face of someone who’s eaten one of my creations is enough.  That’s a GD lie.  If I even get started eating that shit, consider it gone.   Moderation isn’t in my vocabulary when it comes to sugar.