Captain Obvious

Well I’ve really outdone myself this time.  Brace yourself.. A hollowed out tomato, and an egg!   Have I been living under a rock?  Since when does every vegetable taste delicious when paired with an egg?  I feel robbed out of the past 30 something years of my life.  Apparently there’s a little place called the Interweb, where you can find all sorts of different recipes.  I don’t even know what the hell I was eating before Pinterest.. Oh wait, I know- I was eating steamed broccoli.  Well fuck you broccoli.

Here’s the recipe- (you  might want to write this down)

Preheat oven to 400

Hollow out  tomato

Put an egg in the tomato

Cook for about 20 ish  minutes.

Add whatever spices you like.  I added salt, because I LOVE salt.  Salt Salt Salt!!

I’m sure cheese and or bacon would make a lovely addition, if you don’t care about some extra fat and calories.  Unfortunately, I gotta watch it.  Besides I think bacon is over-rated.  This statement probably shocks and horrifies some, but I could live without bacon.  Anyway, I’ve seen recipes like this with peppers too, which I will be trying ASAP.  I still need to collect my thoughts after this amazing discovery of two standard ingredients and an oven.   I’ve also heard wonderful stories of toasted bread and eggs…stay tuned.



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