Not what I expected….

Well for some reason, I imagined these turning out really cute and Valentiny.  Well, they look more like murder dipped Oreo’s, so maybe I’ll save them for Halloween.  Or if you’re having a Twilight themed party, because you’re one of those idiots that likes to watch Kristin Stewart stare blankly for an hour and a half, these would be perfect!

Again, in sub par fashion, this recipe  is easy as shit.   Just warm up some melting chocolates and dip the Oreo’s.  I don’t think I need to elaborate more than that.  I will say watch the red chocolates a little more closely when you’re warming them up.  In true ginger form, these burn faster and are a little testy.  So I’d heat them up in 15 second increments, and stir each time.   In case you were wondering, the red is vanilla flavored..not murder.


One thought on “Not what I expected….

  1. Penney McRae says:

    Regardless of how they look…these cookies are delicious!!

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