PB Graham Squares

Ta Da!

These are easy… easier than Lindsay Lohan, so if you can’t handle this recipe you aren’t sub par material.   The only thing this recipe requires is a little patience, because working with chocolate can be tedious and time consuming.  However, they’re worth it.  They look fancy and are clearly delicious.  

Since I prefer to half ass things, hence my Sub Par title- I choose to work with melting chocolate.  It’s so much easier, and I think it tastes really good.  It’s just way too much work to actually chop up chocolate and mix it with shortening.  Anyway, using my hands I dip both sides of the graham cracker in the melted chocolate and place it on wax paper for about 15 minutes to dry.  After it drys just spread peanut butter over the top of the chocolate coated graham cracker.  The less PB you use the easier it’s going to be to re-coat the top with chocolate, but stop being lazy loser.  Peanut butter is delicious.   

Once you finished slappin on the PB, put them in the freezer to set for about 20 minutes.  It’s a little easier to coat the top with chocolate.  Once they’ve chilled, reheat the left over chocolate and spoon a small amount on the graham cracker.  Using the spoon I lightly smooth it over the top and sides of the cracker, so all the cracker is completely cover in chocolate.  This is the tedious time consuming part, because you want everyone to know how big time you are for making sweet looking desserts. 

Don’t expect me to put nutritionals of this shit either- it’s bad for you.


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